A Completely New Project Question. Idiot asking-Please everybody join it!

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    Phil barone

    I have a complex question that may not be for this forum but you guys were so helpful with my last post and showed such patience with a dumb question from a newbie and showed so much class that I couldn’t go anywhere else. I’m really a machinist with a nice shop but it’s small and I’m limited to making sax parts http://WWW.philBarone.com) so I can’t work on something as large as a car as much as I’d like to. I also have my own line of saxophones. I’ve always been a motorcycle guy and presently own a HD but have own numerous Ducati’s and Harley’s. I have a CNC mill and a really nice Southbend lathe and I’m a very traditional, old-school machinist. I also have a nice collection of machinist’s hand tools and finishing machines so I can make some really nice little trinkets.

    As much as I love the old Shelby’s, I have accepted that I’ll never be able to afford one. At least not in the condition that I would like it to be so I’ll settle for second best. So what I would like is the following: A new model Mustang with a Coyote engine in it (I can Supercharge it later) with a fiberglass Shelby body on her. Now the budget is somewhat of an issue so I’d like to keep it under a hundred thousand dollars and yes, I HAVE CREDIT!

    I’m assuming that I can buy a Mustang with the motor already in it but I’m not sure what year that Ford started using the Coyote motor so maybe someone can tell me that first. Then the only thing left except for all the details like suspension and motor details is putting the body on the car. I can do this after I put the body on the car. Who would you choose to put the body on the car? I live on the east coast in New York.

    Thank you gentlemen. I know that given the responses that I received from my last post that you’ll be of great help and I really look forward to hearing from you and if any of you even need any help with a machining question please feel free to contact me at PhilBarone@PhilBarone.com.

    Thank you, Phil Barone

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