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    😮 I realize that most if not all of the posts here are for restorations so please forgive me. I recently tried to paint my interior panels from teal to black and used krylon plastic bonding paint, although it worked great on plastic the vinyl didnt take it and it remained sticky even in the sun. so i ordered the following in the hopes of fixing them right.(below) :confused: My question is 1 can i use EW painting prep to remove the paind on my vinyl and plastic or is there something ellse i should be using. 2 are there any tips as far as which to use on dash, satin or flat? 3 and clear coat on dash? if so wet sand once or twice? My weatherstripping also has old paint color on it do i use the same paint or is there another product for that? any tips are apreciated and i will try to post some before and after pics

    5 Vinyl Prep

    4 Vinylcoat Plastic Prep

    1 Spray Can Trigger Handle Pack Of 2

    5 Vinyl Paint Sand Free Primer

    3 EW Pre Painting Prep Qt

    3 EW Satin Clear Interior Paint 12oz Aerosol

    7 EW Landau Black Interior Paint 12oz Aerosol

    4 Carpet Stylin 6 oz Aerosol Dark Gray

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