91 Red Sled Resto (RS Camaro)

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    I’m looking for some direction or steps to take for prepping and painting an engine bay of a 91 camaro. There is some rust, not much, mostly located to edges of sheet metal and the radiator core support. Most of the paint is still there but no amount of scrubbing and cleaning has brought back the original color (Red). How do I go about prepping for painting? Do I sand blast the whole thing down to metal? just to get rid of the rust? or don’t blast and use another method… I have a blaster and 00 sand which I feel confident with. The car is currently out doors but it can be brought inside and will be when top-coated and cleared.
    Some friends have told me to just do a 1-day hand sanding and to use the rust-encapsulator. sprayed on (thinned) then spray the top-coat without a primer.
    I’m new too body work but want to do as much myself but it’s starting to become overwhelming. A buddy that works at a body shop says to blast off the rust, vacuum, and prime with an etching primer. Then top-coat to clear. I thought the etching primer was ment for smooth/polished metal, not blasted. Won’t regular primer work? I already have some rust-encapsulator but I was going to save that to do the suspension, steering, k-member, and radiator core support. Please give me some direction. JFYI; End of June is when the engine will be back in the car and ready to be taken to have the whole car painted.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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