79 El Camino Project

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    I am going to start body work on my 79 El Camino this spring. I would like to do it over the winter but the garage I keep it in is unheated. Anyway the garage I will be using over the spring/summer I will only be able to use on weekends. S my plan is to strip/sand and epoxy primer(the eastwood brand) each body panel one at a time. Once I have all the panels ready and every thing inplace to finish I am going to take a week off work and try to get the whole paint job done in that time frame. I want to pull the doors and fenders and jam it out nice. Re assemble and shoot the whole car. I am thinking of using HOK red metalic and the Eastwood clear. I have most of the stainless trim off and will be removing the rest of it before I start and it doesn’t need to go back on til I am done. I do need to keep the camino driveable since it also doubles as my quad hauler.

    1. Does any of this seem to be a problem? Are these paints durable and high quality?

    2. I want to spray the bed with Gator Guard bed liner should I do this before or after I paint the whole vehicle.

    3. I am planning on installing a Goodmark steel cowl induction hood. Should I install it before I tear it down to jam it or should I just paint it and install it when I put the car back together?

    4. There are no rust holes on the body at all. Only in 2 places is there any surface rust. There I plan on sandblasting the spots, treating with rust desolver then epoxy primer over it. Should I body filler under the primer or over?

    I know this was long winded I just wanted to make sure I have a good plan of attack before I commit to it and start the work.

    everyone loves pics so here they are…



    Thank you in advance

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