74 mazda rx3 project and need some help

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    Ok im going to start my restoration on my 74 rx3 and It has rust and i want to restore it completly my self im very handy mechanically but not body shop i do know some mig welding so I think I want to tackle and finish my baby.

    All I really need is material list and what i need , I know it sound simple but I know is alot of step. I have big compressor and ill be getting a mig welder soon, a ok one , I want to know what ill be needing, Example. like grinders ,sanding paper, primer. I really dont know what i need. any help would be great i am buying all tools little at a time, i do have some, list of what i have of top of my head,.
    cut off wheel , angle grinder, dolly tools set, a few vise grips for clamping, compressor, i have mechanical tools, not sure wht else..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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