72 camaro header panel

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    Kevin, hows it going? Here is a pic of my header panel for a 72 camaro. This is an nos piece that the factory did a poor job lining up the two pieces of metal from the headlights and park lights.



    I separated them so I could re-spot weld it.


    I was thinking about welding the gap solid for a more clean look. The one thing that concerns me is that its such a tight small space to work in. how would this kit work to grind down the welds?


    Also what about fillers/sanding in such a small area? I was thinking about maybe a small dowel wrapped in sand paper. Seems like it would be a tough area to work.

    I think the factory just used a swipe of seam sealer in the joint. Maybe that is what I should do. What do you think? Thanks, Russ

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