69 GTO been sitting 30+yrs

Posted: December 14, 2012 By: deathwishdan

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    New to this forum and looks like a good place. Took on this project about 3 weeks ago. The car sit outside for about 10 yrs and then got moved into the garage for last 20 or so yrs. The first thing I did was, to place 2 foggers ]insecticide] spray cans to get rid of spiders and creatures. Next was to get rid of mice nests. Now I am down to a bare shell of a body sitting on the frame minus motor, tranny, rearend, suspension. alot of surface rust inside and underneath, will have to replace seam sealer in most of car. Have firewall, front frame horns and all frontend sheet metal ready for paint, core support, heater box, inner fenders, bumper braces. Will try and figure out how to post pictures later. Has anyone used the lead free solder kit for fixing the roof to windshield pillar post? The last time I used lead was back in the early 80’s.
    Thanks Dan in Denver

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