66 Pontiac Catalina trunk rust repair

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    I have a 66 Pontiac Catalina that has surface rust and 2 small dime size rust holes in the trunk floor. What do I do first in repairing this area? fix the two holes first? do I need to cut them out and weld 2 new panels in? or can they be filled with something? I dont want to replace the whole trunk pan and I dont think they make reproduction trunk pans anyways for these cars. I was going to wire brush the loose rust then vacuum it up then apply rust converter quart- brush it on, then spray rust converter where I cant reach with the brush. do I need to use PRE cleaner first? also do I need to use rust encapsulator on top of the rust converter? I live in CA and Eastwood wont ship this item here. also how should I repair the 2 rust holes?:confused: and should I do this before applying rust converter or after?

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