66 GMC hub caps

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    I’m trying to pc my original hub caps with ss chrome. I sand blasted ( alum oxide ), buffed with a wire wheel, then used pre, let dry and coated. I did a rag joint t fitting at the same time ( same prep ) and that turned out okay. The caps had some of the “bumps” or gassing I’ve read about and alot of what looked like dust. I eye balled all the parts before curing and they looked evenly covered and what I thought, free of dust. I increased my cure time to 30 min, worked alot better, no fingerprints 😀 ! Could the “dust” be smaller bumps or gassing? If so, would pre heating the caps be better?…to what temp, how long and let cool to ?? or coat hot without letting the caps cool? Also, I’m still having probs with the weak powder cloud, next time I’ll try with no tubes and no end cap. I tested the gun like that and it seemed to put out a decent cloud. I can send pics of the caps in the morning if that’ll help. Thanks, Bob

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