’65 Porsche 912 sills solution

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    To whom it may concern,
    I have removed my floor pans and need to restore my sills. These are in good nik considering the car is 40 odd years old. Though there will always be a certain amount of rust. So I have continuosely sprayed and recycled your rust dissolver and then your panel wipe into this cavity to get it as clean as possible with thin tubes and a diffuser. Good result, but as I cannot see every way in the sill (even using an endoscope), so I would like to spray the interior of the sill with a wand to permanently coat and seal if any rust is still present (To be noted that there are also areas where the original paint is still attached to the metal). Another consideration is that the heating sstem for a porsche runs through the sillls blowing hot air from the engine. So the product would need a certain amount of heat resistance, not major though.
    I previously contacted your forum and you suggested Internal frame coating. Looks like the best product from what I have researched. The problem is that I am in the UK and this product can not be shipped due to it bieng an aerosol as well as the suppliers you suggested in the UK do not stock this product.
    So I am enquiring if this product is sold in paint tins that I can apply via a spray gun or insert into my own aerosol cans. If it is available, can this be shipped to the UK?
    If this is not available would your rust convertor work as possible permanent solution, and should it be painted afterwards?
    I await your response.

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