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    I’m changing my 1930 Model “A” Ford over to 12 volts. I will be runing the original engine but it will have several performance modifications. I will be using the original points type distributor. I want to use one of the Flame Thrower 40,000 volt coils. There are three differant ones listed and I’m not sure which one would be best to use parts # 70072 black,Epoxy,3 Ohm , or parts # 70064 Flam Thrower 40,000 Volts Black Epoxy Coil 1.5 Ohm, or parts # 70059 Flam Thrower Coil 40,000 Volt Chrome, Oil Filled, 3 Ohm.
    This may sound dumb but I’m not sure what Ohm means. Would I need to use a resistor? The Black Epoxy coils would probably look more original while the Chrome oil filled coil would have a COOL look. Which Coil do you think would be best for my application?
    Thanks Tim

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