30 year old suzuki restoration… paint help?

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    Hi guys-
    I’m not new to wrenching, but I am new to cosmetics, including painting… and I’m loving the idea of giving it a whirl on my 81 Suzuki that Im doing a restoration on …

    So, I was/and still am planning/ on getting the frame powdercoated by a local shop that comes highly recommended ($300 ish for the frame) but I was planning on doing the body & paint myself.

    Basically, the tank has a small (minor) dent in it. I have a suction cup and two bulb-inflated airbags on the way to try to pop it out. It’s truly minor so I hope this will take care of most of it, if not all. So.. that all being said, I also have some minor fiberglass work to do on the other body panels (side covers) as the tabs are broken. The tail & fenders are in good shape and just need prep & paint.

    The bike when I got it was painted in an almost flat (semi gloss I suppose) blue paint. Clearly not the factory color, and I actually kind of like it… so I was thinking of staying pretty close to it. It’s kind of a sky blue/baby blue-ish color and feels very 80s (or older)… kind of fun, and different. Can you guys help me figure out what I need to acquire to do the job right? I have poked around on the site here but I have yet (perhaps I missed it) to find an FAQ or other resource that kind of sums all this up…

    FYI, I have an HVLP gun and good compressor ,and I’ll make my own booth using some fans, filters and plastic sheathing..

    Thanks all

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