2nd Seminar and other successes…

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    Steve Kafka

    For those of you who occasionally hang out on Kafka’s Korner, I have an announcement of great importance for all concerned.

    One Shot paint has not only fixed their coverage problems, but have added several new colors to boot. Eastwood and I debuted the new formula and colors to attendees of my 2nd seminar at their Pottstown location. They oversold the seminar by two seats (we try to keep it at 30 per day) but we managed to get to everybody. I had a fantastic time, lots of laughs, striping, lunch, laughs, striping demos, tips of the trade, a couple of jokes, lots of brushes, new and old, some straight line techniques, and hands on demos by everyone. I think everybody was very satisfied. Some even said they would be at the next one.

    Back to One Shot paint. Just in case you’re wondering just who got this monumental feat accomplished, it was Matt Fitzgerald. After more than a couple of years of frustration he got the powers that be to order the reformulation and addition of several very cool new colors to the standard of our industry. If you want to send flowers or gifts or an ‘atta boy’ call Spraylat Corporation or email Matt himself at FitzgeraldM@spraylat.com

    Stripe on,

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