2k Spray over Spar urethane

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    Hello all,
    New to the forum. I have been researching spray can clear coats to apply to my wood finish Teardrop camper. I met a guy at a campground last year who had a beautiful wooden topper on his pickup. I asked him about his finish and he told me that he applied auto clear coat over spar urethane and it has held up for years. It looked great and it avoided the usual maintenance required with sanding and reapplying the spar urethane every couple years.

    Not being a body shop pro, I was looking at spray can clear coats and found the Eastwood 2k product. Has anyone used it on spar urethane?

    I have just completed a refinishing of the back hatch of the camper because of weather damage splitting the ply. This was after reapplying 3 coats of spar urethane. That’s why I am looking for a tougher finish.

    Also, the camper is finished in clear satin, which I prefer. Can I get a satin look with a wet coat of the Matte or should I spray gloss and sand to a satin finish?

    Any advice is appreciated!

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