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    My son and I are in the process of painting his 96 Mustang Cobra. We are painting over existing paint as it is in great shape but faded and scratched. I havent done any paint work in a dozen years so this is my first attempt with an HVLP. I purchased a Concours gun with a 1.8, 1.4 and 1.2 tip. I have a 5hp IR compressor which is very capable of maintaining adequate pressure. I’m using a Sharpe inline water filter/seperator and an Eastwood dessicant filter. After prepping I sprayed two coats of 2k primer. I used the 1.8 tip, adjusted the gun to provide a nice 7-8″ fan, and started with the digital air pressure regulator at 28psi. I used a medium activator as it was 75 degrees that day. The primer starting spraying in droplets so I adjusted the pressure up to 35psi. The primer laid down ok but dryed with a rough texture. It sanded well but because of the rough texture the amount of sanding required caused me to break through the primer on several edges and corners. I decided to lay down another coat of 2k and used a slower activator in hopes the primer might lay down better. I set the gun to 28 psi and increased the paint flow. This coat sprayed better but still dryed rough. All of my experience was with laquer primer and a siphon feed gun and I had never had a problem. Am I using too much air pressure? Im sure this is not typical for 2k primer. At this rate I don’t know how I can sand the primer smooth without breaking through on the corners and edges. I’m sure I haven’t done something properly. If you can help me pin point my mistakes I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks again for any advise

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