2K Matte clear on my project. how to I get a little more shine?

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    I sprayed a couple coats of Matte clear on my wood teardrop camper. It already has several coats of satin spar urethane. I am hoping the 2K will cut down on the finish maintenance so I can spend more time camping. 😎

    Today I just did the back hatch and the top as well as the top/front. Just want to get the most exposed areas for now and plan to do the rest this winter when I will have a proper garage shop.

    I would like to see if I can polish this matte finish to a satin to match the rest of the camper. I tried spraying it on wet but apparently not wet enough. After drying to the touch, the clear coat has a fine, rough texture. Is this typical of the matte? Should I wet sand or use a cutting polish? Any advice is appreciated!



    Before spraying 2K matte:

    After spraying matte:

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