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    64 Comet

    First I want to thank Racer X for the very helpful information that was sent to help identify the engine size. However I have put the car away for the winter and was not able to remove the starter to get the identification numbers off the engine block behind it. I did however find a tag on the intake manifold that had identification numbers and letters that did cross reference with letters and numbers supplied in the information sent. C40E-942 appears on the tag screwed into the intake manifold. Per the information supplied and cross refer the identification tag the 289 block employed a five bolt bell housing bolt pattern from 1963 to 1964 model years only. Until spring comes would this identification give me an indication of the engine block size or could this intake manifold be used for both 260 and 289 engine blocks.

    I am trying to make the identification so I can order rebuild components during the winter and have them on hand when I take the car out of storage. Which will be as soon as the snow melts and I can convince my wife to keep her car outside approx mid April.

    Thank You very much again

    64 Comet

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