240vac Hotcoat !!

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    How do you run a 110VAC @ 60Hz HOTCOAT system in a country that only has 240VAC @ 50Hz ??? This is how I did it

    Purchased from a japanese import campervan / motor home a 24VDC to 110VAC 50/60Hz inverter and connect it to 2 x 12 VDC batteries. Include into the setup a small 240VAC to 12VDC battery charger and some switches etc to connect the batteries in series to run the invertor and in parallel when charging.. Mount it all in a plastic box, with the HOTCOAT power unit mounted on the outside, and it all looks like the attached images…

    Purchased the invertor for $1.00, as there is not much call for 110VAC inverters in a 240VAC only country, (New Zealand) !!

    Has originally intended just to use a 240V to 110V step down transformer, but EASTWOODS advise was that the life of the HOTCOAT power supply would be shortened if run at 50Hz instead of 60Hz.. Not sure what the “failure mechanism” would be, but I suspect it would not rate well when / if I had to make a warranty claim.

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