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    I have been thinking about ways to do 2 tones or flames and things like that. Although it would be alot of masking, instead of doing a first full coat why not mask off where you want the other color to be and then apply your first color and then remove the tape right before flow out and cure. Then mask off the first color and apply the second color right on the bare metal. Then remove the tape again right before flow out and then cure. That way if needed you can wet sand were the 2 colors join and have no difference in height. Then either buff or cover with clear and have a perfectly smooth top coat.

    If you coat one over the other you have a great difference in height making it almost impossible to wet sand smooth with out risking messing up the smooth tape line or sanding clear through the second coat. I think it would work perfect…or wait maybe it already has! Let me know what you guys think!!

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