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    1) I was wondering what you guys are using for air filtration and where is the unit/s mounted? We used to use the hobby gun years ago and had a filter/seperator at our compressor and a in line filter at the gun with nothing at the blast cabinet. We now use the Pro gun and I didn’t see any filters for it. We still use a Sears unit attached to the compressor which supplies a seperate line for the blast cabinet (no filter attached) and another to powder coat (no filter attached). So all in all we have 1 filtration set up for the blast cabinet and Pro gun. What do you guys use if you have the Pro gun and what would you recommend using and where in the lines?

    2) With the Pro gun I know most people use it at 15-20psi but is that before pressing the trigger. I noticed when I press the trigger to spray it drops about 5-10 psi.

    Just curious. I haven’t had any issues with moisture or bad results and usually keep the regulator on the gun at 15-18psi before pressing the trigger.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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