1st time painting. single stage. Help????

Posted: March 1, 2012 By: cjredden

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    I just recently finished spraying my fiberglass body with a high build primer, then epoxy, then single stage paint. I have come across alot of orange peel from spraying which i understand is normal and should easily be sanded and buffed to a beautiful finish. This is my first car im ever completely attempting to paint myself which it is a race car. I would like to add a clear coat for added protection to the paint. My question is 2 parts. First, should i be trying to clearcoat over the orange peel, then sand the cleat and buff to that finish i am looking for? or wet sand and buff the paint then clearcoat over that? secondly, trying to learn how to buff, i began wetsanding the trunk, which if i screw up, i can easily respray which is no big deal. upon wetsanding, it appeared the orange peel did not seen to fully go away where in a few small minor spots i sanded to the primer. i am wetsanding with 2000grit paper on a block. there were a few spotchy places where the paint was darker then the rest. was this a poor job of spraying?

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