1st paintjob (little help please?)

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    After reading some of the helpful forums on this site I can clearly see this is the best site I could have stumbled across. All of you seem to have extensive knowlegde in a huge variety of topics so I hope you will help me as I have seem you help others.

    With that out of the way… I just recently painted my wifes car. This was my first paintjob. Not knowing anything about painting or paint at all for that matter I relied on the guy at NAPA to get me started. My wife chose a Rasberry pink base/clear paint. I got starded by sanding and fixing minor door dings etc. I began with 220 grit and then to 320. I sprayed the primer and then wetsanded with 400 grit. With the car being smooth and all masked off I began with the Rasberrry base. Getting an overall really good and more importantly comfortable feeling with the gun. (the gun was my friends dad’s gun and the booth was rented) Anyway, while I was roughly 3 coats into the clear the booth rental guy decide that I was complete in the booth as he had to leave for out of town. (yeah I know, but there was nothing I could really do) In short I had a bit of clearcoat overspray creating some dull spots on an overall great paintjob all things considered.

    Now I am getting ready to cut and buff out the paint for that brilliant shine we all desire. This is where I am requesting all of your help. I have spent an hour or so reading others hints and tips which have all been great. I’ll say what I believe to be a good way to go and please help with any input from there. OK… wetsand with 1500-2000grit with a drop of dial in the water.
    -Then use a white pad, 3M (dont know what this 3M means) with I’m not sure which compound to use. (also I have a orbital buffer from walmart)will this work?
    -Switch to a much finer black foam pad with a different compound (again I don’t know what or where to buy such compounds) Spending a majority of time at this stage for best results.
    -Then using something like Meguire’s polish for my desired wet look, and finish it off with a turtle wax platinum for a sealer. (are these last two applied with a certain type of pad or cloth?) I’m really sorry for such a long and full of questions writing here, however I have never found such a great forum. I fugure the more I ask the less I can mess up with all of your advise and tips. Thanks so much in advance.

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