1st Paint Job Can a Vehical be Paited at 95-100 Degress Outside?

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    My 1st Project, Just wanting to Paint the Hood on My 2002 Hyundai ,Black is the Color ,Already have Paint Made up. But i Have no Place Enclosed to Paint.I’ve got All the Materials and Tools to do it. But still not sure about the Temperture.What kind of Adjustments are Needed to my Spay Gun,And or My Pressure ? ‘m not looking for Perfection at all but would like to Cover these Spots that looks like the Wind blew part on the Paint off.

    Any Suggestions are Welcome need to Know my Best chances that i’ll get a 1/2 Matched Paint with out any Runs or what ever else could cause me Problems.

    My Outside Tempertures are like 90-100 Degress right now ! Can i still paint at these Temps ?

    Thanks From the WYOCWBOY

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