1987 Nissan Sentra 4wd Station wagon……..

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    This is a car that i have been looking for for years….they only made them for three(87,88,89) the 87 being the only year with push button activated 4wd. The plan get it road worthy and then drop in a GTI-R motor and awd tranny with some goodies.
    This car was actually given to me! I had to make a small road trip(12.5hours round trip) to get it. It had not been driven for over 5 years. I have begun to work on the rust(and there is quite a bit of it), have removed the entire interior(it has been cleaned/sanitized/ and recolored…black), the 4wd oem suspension is being replaced with GTI-R Tein coilvers and pillow tops.
    The master cylinder and booster replaced with units from an altima and nx2k, the front spindles, calipers and rotors replaced with nx2k pieces, a custom rear disc conversion is being done using maxima calipers and jdm nx2k rotors, the car will be painted gm dark blue metallic(by me), the engine bay will eventually be cast aluminum, the motor will be black and cast aluminum.
    For now the mighty(yeah right….lol) e16i motor will be the power plant(that is just funny to say it makes like 70hp!!!) the air cleaner is been modified but will have more work done later, all egr has been removed(it didnt work anyway), will be getting a header for it , and custom ground isky cam, and a 2.5″ custom side exit exhaust will be made for it using magnaflow muffler(by me)
    had it running the second night i got it home! removing the power steering rack and using a 1991 nissan sentra E non power rack. the original is damaged and will be repairing it…was already planning on running the non power rack when i did the motor swap so just saving time on that project….I am gonna post some random pictures of the progress I have done so far…and as i continue my progress I will update it here too(i have several threads about this car on other forums…..but was asked to post one here by a member so I will do so!)

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