1986 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 Project

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    My name is Daniel. Live in Fort Worth/Dallas area. My first post here. Thank you to all who share knowledge here. I’m a car enthusiast and a weekend warrior. I have no body shop formal training. Painted a few cars and worked small body repair, but nothing beyond simple dings.

    I purchased a 1986 FJ60 rolled over an an auction. The damage is beyond what I have ever worked on, but I am excited about the challenge. 100% rust free truck. 186k miles runs and drives solid. The front fenders, hood, radiator support need replacement, but not too worried about those. I’ve gotten used spare parts and feel fairly confident on fixing those issues.

    My question is regarding the roof. Due to the roll over it took some major damage. As you will see from the pictures the rear left top of the roof got pushed down about half an inch. The entire roof is wavy now. The only good thing I see is that all of the pillars seems to be undamaged.

    What tools and methods would you recommend for me to tackle the roof?

    I was thinking of maybe buying the eastwood Stud welder kit and stud puller. Getting the roof as straight as possible with some hammering along the way. Basically getting it straight as possible, so I have to use as little bondo as possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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