1985 Corvette Z51 Project

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    here is my 1985 Corvette Z51 that I found in a farmers field and bought for chump change (that’s all I had) because the 🙁 interior was stipped, had most interior items that were cracked, missing, sun-baked or non-operational and the engine compartment was pretty much the same as it was pretty much stripped of parts and the water pump was out and it didn’t run :confused:. The old boy I bought it off of trailered it down to my house as part of the bargain. sure couldn’t drive it. I now have it running 🙂 and is my daily driver that gets me to and from the VA hospital every week as I work on getting the rest of it restored and/or customized. I drive it to the doctor, get it home, tear something apart and fix or replace or paint or powder coat (now that I have an EASTWOOD Powdercoating system and a dedicated oven just set up recently) and put it back together so I can make another appointment,……and on and on and on……….:D

    engine mods, interior remake and custom REAL Brazialian Walnut Dash including replacing “breadbasket” with REAL Brazilian Walnut Flat Dash, Complete carpet change out, Edelbrock Victor Series Hi-Flow water pump, Melling hi-flow oil pump, Magnacor Spark plug wires, Granatelli Motorsports Adjustable MAF Sensor, 1″ Throttle body spacer, Bosch Platinum spark plugs, Slotted and Dimpled Zinc Electroplated Brake Performance Rotors, Stainless Steel Braided Brake lines, Custom Ceramic Painted Brake Calipers Yellow, 93 Corvette Bucket Seats, Chrome 120 amp Alternator, and more to come…..and thanks to Corvette America and SmokinVette, I was able to get ALL NEW weatherstripping to keep the rain out….

    So I’ll try to keep you all updated as we go along. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions……fire away…I’m always open to new and better ideas!!








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