1979 Lincoln Continental Hydro Boost

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    I am buying a 1979 Lincoln Town Car for 300 bucks, from a old lady who cant drive it anymore because she said it is hard on her to get in and out of it anymore. I am going 107 miles to get it, and she said everything works perfectly in the car, the only problem is something to do with the brakes called the Hydro Boost going out on it, ive looked these up and they are about 120 bucks. She told me the car still stops perfectly, but she said she wouldnt risk driving it 107 miles because it may damage the hydro boost more. My problem is that i cant afford at the moment to pay for a truck and a wheel dolly, so driving it back would be my only option at the moment. Is it ok to drive it just to get it home? I asked this same question on the yahoo answers, and someone told me DO NOT BUY THIS CAR, and it really has me worried because this is one of my favorite cars ever made, and I dont want anything to ruin this chance I have. Im thinking he may not be sure what the hydro boost is exactly, because it doesnt seem like it is a expensive repair. I know you guys probably know more about this than they do on yahoo, so let me know what you think please. :)Thank you

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