1979 ford courier

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    hey to ne one out there with a courier, or knows how to do this with one, i need some suggestions…. Ok first off the truck needs a bed if ne one out there has or knos about one that is decent!?!? seconds off the truck has the original 2.3 engine ( escort) lol it did run good but it all the sudden started missing like it was barely runnin, new plugs, wires, cap, rotor… still not fixed! so the next thing i fig it could be ia an intake leak.?!?! then third off, yall gonna like this idea, i wanted to swap it to v8 power! but… the cross member for the suspension is in the way for a sb chevy. so then i thought bout a 302 only bc i recall that some had a front oil sump. idk im a chevy kinda guy not really ford but its wotha shot! so if ne one want to lend me some advise id be totally greatful. my other project are; 70 impala 2dr hard top, 74 chevy shortbed, 82 chevy shortbed,63 chevy 2 4dr 6cyl, and possibly a 64 chevy shortbed wit matching 327 engine…

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