1972 Mustang Convertible – Rotisserie Resto

Posted: December 29, 2011 By: AustinCobra

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    Yes, I said 72 Mustang and Rotisserie in the same sentence. Call me crazy!

    Background: I had a 73 Grande in high school, Ginger Brown, 351C and slotted turbine mags with white letter Dunlap GT Qualifiers. Oh how I loved that car. Well, almost twenty years later I was flip’n through auto trader and ran across this 72 convertible, and a project was born. I’ve been bang’n around on this one for several years, and it’s time to start putting it back together and bring the dream to life.

    The Plan: Restore (resto-mod) the car back to better than new condition in red and black Mach I trim, STIFFEN the chassis (how:TBD), stroke the the 351C to a 408C and bolt an AOD to it. Appropriate suspension and drive train mods will be made to handle the 450+ HP/Tq.

    In my following post I’ll outline a challenge I’m currently facing with the Cowling.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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