1969 Mach 1 Resto – Primer/Bedliner Question

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    I am in the process or restoring a 1969 Mach 1 with my son. All of the body work has been done and the exterior of the car has been painted and clear coated.

    I am now sanding the underside of the car down to bare metal as well as the interior floor/firewall, trunk etc. Some of the underside areas have flash rust on them due to the fact that we had some the of the floor pans replaced with new metal. Some areas do not have rust and have been stripped utilizing high speed “wire brush cups” with air tools. This is the same with the inside floor areas as well. I would like to ultimately coat the inside and underside of the car with something like the Eastwood Gator Truck Bed Liner. I have seen several cars done this way on some pretty nice rides and think the end result is extremly nice looking and ultimately very durable. The car is not an MCA restoration or museum piece. It needs to be sharp looking, don’t get me wrong, but my main focus is durability versus “factory correct”.

    My questions is this. What primers, encapsulators, converters, etc…do I need to used and in what sequence do I need to use them? If you could guide me in a step one, step two, step three fashion that would be greatly appreciated. I plan on trying to use rattle can versus spray gun for any primer/encapsulator and then ultimately “rolling on” the bedliner. I have a spray gun and air compressor but I have very limited ability using them and would feel very uncomfortable using the car as a “guinea pig”. Please let me know how you would do it and in what sequence. Thanks in advance for all your help!


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