1968 Charger Hood Fit & Gap to the Cowl ?

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    james j

    Hi Everyone!
    I’ve tried searching and could not find much, so here goes. Just yesterday, my painter and I installed, aligned and gapped the fenders and lower valence. The gaps between the fenders to doors looks great and even, but after test fitting the hood, it seems as if this gap was intended to grow wider across the width of the hood (1/4″) or so. So I’m just wondering if this is supposed to be like this? …I know that tolerances from the factory in 1968 were all over the place too. I also tried a google image search but that too came up with nothing relevant. Any bit of a sanity check would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!


    FWIW, the leading edge of the hood seems to line up well with the fronts of the fenders. We also carried a nice uniform gap between the fenders & doors and fenders and rocker panels. The doors, cowl and fenders are original to the car (AFAIK) and the hood was off another ’68 or ’69. …all the other gaps (save for the hood/cowl) look pretty good; fenders/door, fenders/rocker, doors/quarter panels too.




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