1966 Batmobile Recreation

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    Holy Collectable Cars, Batman! This is a BATMOBILE of the 1966 TV series design. A continuation that is completely consistent with “Bat 1”, the original Batmobile that George Barris, “The King of the Kustomizers” built from the Lincoln Futura Concept car.

    Each of its handcrafted features was carefully researched for accuracy. These include flashing lights, exacting body dimensions, braking parachutes, Batphone, turbine exhaust, plastic cockpit dome, Batscanner, levers, buttons, gauges, wheels and much more. Lending further authenticity, the body was built from molds taken from the original car. The chassis was donated by a 1979 Lincoln Continental with a 400 cu. in. V8 engine. Without doubt, this Batmobile Recreation is comfortable, reliable and an absolute blast to drive and show. Nothing gets more looks than this!



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