1959 Impala steering wheel

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    Howdy Folks, I’m a first timer here, and been messing around with old cars for,,,like forever it seems. Right now I am in sssssslowwwww processs of restoring a 1955 Chevy Belair Hardtop. Started out I was goin to restore it to original as it was a low milage complete car with it’s original upholstery but it was born up in the cold weather states and suffered some drastic rusting issues during it’s life until it wound up in Santa Fe New Mexico. I since found another Hardtop that was born in El Paso and is a totally rust free car. What luck,,! The Santa Fe car is now the parts car.
    I wanted my 55 to be different and an eye catcher so,,,it now has a California Bikini Hood, tilt hood and,,,,,has to be the only 55 Chevy in the world with,,,,,,Lamborghini Doors. Took, I don’t know how many hundreds of hours to install the Auto-loc hinges (72# each) to where the doors come down and close with that distinctive GM “click”. It now sports a BC-Cc of Candy Apple Red. I am bout halfway with restoring and polishing the stainless and it sure does POP against the red paint,,!!
    My latest addition is a 1959 Impala steering wheel that I want to repair a couple of cracks and replace the horn ring and other parts. Looks like Eastwood has a kit that will do the repairs to the cracks, but I have not been able to locate the 3 chrome “rings” that are on the steering wheel. Does any body here have a clue where I should look?
    Thanks for any help.

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