1937 Pontiac SilverStreak 224 CDN Sedan Project

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    [h=2]1937 Pontiac SilverStreak 224 CDN Sedan Project[/h]

    I am pleased to say, I have traded in my carpel tunnel syndrome for busted knuckles… With the help of this forum, I have knowledge and power… I am an IT guy of 20 years, who came into good fortune 2 years ago and acquired a beautiful car. I am very grateful for the information on this forum to help me with my project

    I am now ready to start posting my progress on a frame off restoration. I will post in sections, and at the end of my project will have a book created on the entire process available in PDF and perhaps print.

    Lets start with my article… From our local newspaper… Man slows the world down..
    Video: Test Drive before restoration: http://youtu.be/-l92BaBNUMM
    Video: preparing frame off in 2 car garage… http://youtu.be/sF_ofZlxBvY

    It’s been a couple of years in the preparing stages, and only have access to a small 2 car garage, but it will be all worth it… As I start the restoration, I will be acquiring the tools needed as I go along… Learning the garage lingo, the use of tools and taking millions of pictures for reference.

    time to start getting dirty….

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