1932 Auburn Boat Tail Roadster body, from scratch LONG!

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    I took a metalshaping class so I can better use my Eastwood tools at home and create a shopping list for more.

    One of the other students wanted to build a 1932 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster from a plywood buck he had purchased along with a rolling chassis.

    We started with flat steel sheets and used an english wheel, shrinkers and stretchers, and a powered bead roller, and completed this work in five days. There was a little hammer and dolly work, but not enough to warrant putting in ear plugs!

    Pretty good for three students (two computer guys and a retired fireperson) and the instructor from 8-5 for five days. The photos aren’t great because I was working too, but you should get the idea.

    We started with the cowl and doors on the 1st day, and worked our way backwards to the 8′ long rear quarter panels and that all important iconic non-trunklid, trunklid.

    Here’s what we started with:


    After getting a shape in the metal by using the english wheel we used the bead roller to start the detail work on the doors. One of the other ways this trim has been done over time is with lead. Pounds and pounds of lead – not suggesting there is a right or wrong way, but still, this seems easier



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