110v welder problem

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    I’ll ask you guys before I call my Lincoln repair facility…

    Lately my Lincoln SP 135 Plus welder has been working really, really hard to get an arch started. Sometimes it even pops the 20 amp breaker. The manual states that I need a 20 amp circut to operate the welder so I am good there. Nothing else is running on the circut when I am welding.

    I also just added on to my shop and had a 200 amp service put in to replace the old 100 amp service. When we did that we also rewired the entire shop. This ment that the otlets had to be brought up to code and they all are protected by a 20 amp GFCI outlets. Could the GFCI be stopping enough current to flow? The electrician said the the new wiring could support 25 amp breakers with no problem, 30 amp will work provided I dont try to run something that needs 30 amps. Should I try a larger breaker?

    Or should I take my welder in and find out if there is something wrong that is causing excesive current draw?

    Anyone have simmilar problems with their 110 units?

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