04 Ford Ranger need help protecting underbody.

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    Hey guys, so i just bought a ranger couple months back, im in love with my truck, and do not plan on selling it anytime soon.

    My frame still have some sort of rubberized coating, idk if it came with it like this from factory, or the owner before me did it himself, but there are some places where the coating came off and small amount of rust is starting to form.

    So i want to deal with it before everything gets out of hand, i live in Texas so theres rarely any salted road.
    But a good looking chasis can never hurt anything!!

    But my question is what product should i use? I know eastwood has many different rust solution.
    im thinking i will just rattle can the entire frame and what not.
    Any tips for spraying the products? Because i do not plan on removing the cab or bed.
    Is just going to be direct spray on…

    Anyone have experience for this before??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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