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Posted: July 3, 2021 By: Highd

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Got issues here too,mine has max 2hrs use on it, thats being more than generous. It ran good like a 110 should, wasn’t expecting the industrial balls so it preformed just fine. But the next time using it, it was a completely different machine, i replaced the liner since that’s what it was acting like needed done. Nope still sputters n spits no matter wire speed or amperage, any n all it runs like complete garbage, it’s completely useless. I just been running my old lincoln tombstone from the 50s because I honestly didn’t have time to go through the speel with customer service, thinkin, almost certain it came with a 3yr warranty. So today i look up my order number n I’ll be damned if it doesn’t say 1yr service plan… That’s great. Before i get too upset, i have to look into this further but seen the blog and decided to put my input in. And lets just go with my awesome luck and i do find out im sol n fixing it myself. If anyone has any ideas on what it is, please let me know.. keep in mind I’m a structural industrial welder by trade, so ive checked the tensioner and all that basic stuff, this is internal or something im missing completely, i haven’t hooked it up to gas n done any hard wire just .30 inner shield flux.

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