Eastwood at SEMA 2010 Wrap Up

It was a great year at SEMA 2010, and we want to thank everyone for following our posts on our blog and Facebook! We were astounded by the great diversity of vehicles at the show this year! I definitely noticed a lot of “odd-ball” cars coming out of the woodwork and being displayed around the show. I would have to say the star vehicle of the show seemed to be the new Chevy Camaro. It seemed everywhere you went, there was a different company displaying their take on this revision of an old classic. Even though I’m not a muscle car guy at heart, I can definitely see the cues from the original Camaros and the possibilities for tuning and modifying them are endless!

Here are some highlights from our last 24 hours at the show. I even managed to sneak in early Friday morning to shoot some photos of cars that had been mobbed all week with no interruption. Thanks for the feedback, and we’ll see you all next year!

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