Day 2 SEMA 2010 Eastwood highlights.

Tuesday was our second day of the show, and the first day it was open to the public. We met with some magazine writers, editors, and even some “big wigs” at EbayMotors. We have some exciting partnerships/promotions in the works, so keep eye here, and on our Facebook for any new developments after SEMA. I also noticed that there seems to be an influx of properly painted flat paint cars (no spray bombed rides here!). I think we may start to see more and more “newer” cars rocking the flat paint on their rides. This also leaves you to focus on the wheels/interior/engine more it seems.

For now I leave you with my shots from day 2. Post a comment up of your favorite show vehicle from day 2 photos. I’d love to see what everyone is digging.

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