SEMA 2013 Pre-Show Coverage

In the automotive world there’s a few events you can always count on being the hotbed of “what’s cool” in the hobby. The one we always look forward to is right around the end of October or Early November and that’s the SEMA Show. Eastwood Company has been attending SEMA since our early days and we’ve watched it grow each year. The 2013 SEMA Show is no different and this year it’s almost outgrown the HUGE space it takes up at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year I’ve heard rumors that the show has spilled out into the parking lot and halls of the adjacent Las Vegas Hotel. This means there will be more top-notch show vehicles, new products, and gear heads like you and I then before!

In the past we’ve been trying to share our knowledge and let you in on all that’s Eastwood with our live tech demos, show coverage, vehicle features, new products, and anything else in between that makes us tick. This includes our live coverage of the SEMA Show and our exclusive video features with some of the best vehicles and biggest names in the automotive world. We’ve got a list of killer cars and kool cats we are going to share with you!

We’ll be posting live updates via our Facebook page: , Twitter: and Instagram: . We’ll also post daily coverage right here on the blog with a dump of all of the photos we shot of the previous day. Lastly we’ve got live demos going the first official day of the show (Tuesday). Be sure to visit and to watch Industry Pros Kevin Tetz and Ron Covell give paint and metal shaping demos from our booth IN the SHOW!

I snuck into the show today and got everyone a few spy shots of the show being setup. This is no small feat; it’s like building a city in a few days! Stay tuned this is just getting good!


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