SEMA 2013 Day 3 Coverage

Most Automotive shows and events Day 3 is when things start to slow down. This isn’t the case at SEMA. The show has SO MUCH to see that even for myself that’s four days in; I was still finding new cars and products I hadn’t seen before. I haven’t even hit all of the buildings in the show and I have shot hundreds and hundreds of photos and I still feel like I’m missing a lot of good stuff!

The show always pulls out some unusual and crazy vehicles each yea. You’re always destined to find something out of this world at the Meguiars Car Crazy booth and this year was no exception. This year the vehicle that caught my eye was probably one of the largest. The best way to describe it would be to describe it as a torpedo with wheels. Bright yellow, huge antique engine and loud as hell, this thing really was cool! We hope to catch some more info about it later this week, but here’s some photos of it on display on the Car Crazy Stage outside of SEMA.

Another cool part about the show is the debut of high profile show cars. The Ford “SnakeBit” Custom Truck built for rock legend Gene Simmons. This truck is a beautiful mix between a classic Ford Truck and the new Ford Mustang Cobra. This thing is sleek and nasty with a new Ford 5.4L Supercharged V8 engine under the hood. We got a spy shot of it earlier this week, but never expected it to be something this special! Check it out below.

We shot a ton more photos below, and we have a LOT of ground to cover still. So stay tuned!

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