Kansas City World Of Wheels- Live Winfield Chop Shop On A 1940 Ford Convertible

This time around Gene’s Live Chop stopped in Kansas City, MO World of Wheels. The host club for the show was the The Rodtiques of Kansas City and they found a 1940 Ford Convertible they wanted to chop. This is one of the more difficult chop jobs for the “average joe” but that didn’t phase Gene. Five guys from the Rodtiques help through the weekend. They decided to chop the convertible top and bows 2.5″ all around. By the end they had the roof moving up and down again and it sounds like everyone was really pleased with how it came out. Unfortunately there was a fire ban in the building and Gene wasn’t allowed to show off his famous gas and hammer welding. Instead he picked up his Eastwood MIG 135 to weld the seams. There were definitely some challenges during this project, but this is part of traveling and doing this live, but everyone adapted and worked hard to get the car back together by the end of the show on Sunday. Dan Stears was one of the guys in the Rodtiques that helped and he was kind enough to share his pics below of Gene and the group at work.

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  1. WOW! I had a 40 Ford Convertible back in 1965 it was from CA no rust needed a top I rebuild the flat head V/8 and sold it for can you believe $200.00.

    Now I’m 74 this June 15th and wanting to do another restore project wish I had my 40 Ford Convertible, but I had to settle for a 71 VW convertible body work is almost down engine done with some chrome.

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