Winfield Chop Shop Tour Houston, TX – Part 2

In our first post we gave you the background of the traveling chop shop Gene and the Championship Auto Shows guys are running at a number of indoor shows this winter.

We were able to compile some more photos of the chop process from the Los CoChinos Car Club that assisted Gene with the chop (and also supplied the vehicle!). As we mentioned the donor was a 51 Chevy Hardtop that was chopped. We didn’t mention though that the car also got a rear window section from a 47-48 Chevy to further customize the car. It took a bit of fiddling, but eventually they got the rear window section fitted into the roof.

After the seam was welded, Gene and the crew went ahead and made a new panel for the one rear corner to make it all fit seamlessly. He used Eastwood Plastic Metal Shaping Hammers and Sandbag to form the panel and get the rough shape that was needed to fit the roof.

After the last seams were welded they only had minimal grinding to do to smooth the seam and the car is now ready for lead or plastic body filler and paint.

Thanks to member “Skyrodder” from the H.A.M.B and the Los CoChinos Car Club for their photos from the event. Stay tuned for the next event in Cincinatti, OH on January 11-13 or check the Autorama website for more info.

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