Why a scroll compressor??

If you have ever worked in a shop you’ll undoubtedly know how loud standard compressors can be.  Especially when left without proper maintenance over the years.  Scroll and screw compressors have been out on the market for years but always at untouchable prices for your average homeowner. Early this year we began shipping our new Eastwood QST-30/60 Quiet Scroll Compressors


Our R&D department worked tirelessly last year to ensure we had a great unit at an affordable price.  Well, they nailed it and our customers so far couldn’t be happier, the reviews speak for themselves.   You may be looking at the name asking yourself what it means.  QST stands for Quiet Scroll Technology while the 30/60 is referring to tank size.  This unit boasts a 30 gallon tank but preforms just like a 60 gallon vertical style compressor would, pumping out a true 12 CFM.  This unit will power through such tasks as abrasive blasting with our Eastwood Blasting equipment or allow you to paint entire vehicles with HVLP paint guns such as the Concours Pro.

Here we have a picture of what actually creates the air pressure.  The halves of the pump simply oscillate to push the air towards the center of the ever tightening spiral.  Since there isn’t any metal on metal action as you would with a piston style compressor the sound level is kept way down.  At only 3 ft away this unit only produces 69 decibels, barely louder than a central air pump.  Heck, most of you’re air tools will be louder than the compressor itself.  With a lack of moving parts pump life is amazing at 100,000 hours.  We have a bunch of videos up from testimonials to internal working components.   When it comes time to either replace that worn out piston compressor or get a compressor for the first time, look no further than the Eastwood QST-30/60 to suit your needs quietly.



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