Eastwood Modular Lighting system!!!

Having light to work around the shop and home is incredibly important.  Recently we launched our newest options for lighting, the Modular Lighting System.  We designed this system to be the most versatile one yet.  Each light can be used either by itself, one a light bar, or on a tripod.

Eastwood Elite Light Module

Starting with the main component, the light module.  This light can produce 100-1000 lumens, which allows you to pick the perfect lighting on your next project.  Positioning is just as versatile as the unit can be set on the ground or attached to any ferrous metal with the magnetic base. Once you find a place to put the light next comes the 170 degree adjustability to find the perfect angle, putting light right where you need it.  Now that you know how to mount the light there are some other important features to cover. First and foremost is battery life.  On high you can expect to see the light run for 1.5 hours and 8 hours with the light on the lowest light level.  1.5 hours not enough time, lucky for you we also incorporated a charging system fast enough to allow you to run this light even when plugged in for those repair sessions.  It even includes a 12v charger to allow you charging on the go in your car.  These would be perfect to take camping and set up around the site.

Eastwood Elite Underhood Light Bracket

Next item up on the list of possible arrangements would be the Underhood Light Bracket.  Included with this purchase will be the extendable light bar for a light module.  Fit under hoods and in between car doors to really illuminate your work area.   Need more light?  Up to 4 light modules can added by ordering more plus 3 more light module mounts. Imagine 40o0 lumens at your disposal and what you could see.


Eastwood Elite Light Module Tripod

The last possible part of this awesome system will be the Light Module Tripod.  Attach up to 3 light Modules to give yourself 3000 lumens. There are so many uses behind this part from buffing a vehicles paint to painting the inside of a house.  LED lights are extremely helpful when buffing an automotive paint job as it really highlights the flaws in the paint which need correcting. Easily adjust the working height from 25 inches up to 60.   When not in use simply fold up and store neatly.  Seeing is believing so we highlighted just some of the many uses of this system on our YouTube channel.  Click here to see Randy going over all the great features.


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