5 Great Power tools which run on 110 volt!!

Let’s face it, we don’t all have compressors in our garage to power tools which would be considered staples in the auto restoration world.  Since we strive to have tools available for each facet of the process for every customer, we make 110-120v versions which stand strong beside their air powered counterparts.

1. The first tool up is a standard in any tool box, the Impact wrench.  I don’t care how little of a job you plan on doing you’ll undoubtedly want an impact to save yourself from busted knuckles.  Imagine cruising through your next tire rotation job without having to pull out that terrible 4-way wrench to loosen the lug nuts.  Our 1/2″ Drive Electric impact is capable of producing up to 230 ft. lb. of torque to break even stubborn bolts free.

2. Next up will be a staple in auto restoration.  The Eastwood Electric Metal Cutting Shears power through sheet metal up to 18 gauge thick.  We use our Shears all the time when cutting out patch panels and trimming to shape.  There are lots of other great things which can be cut with our shears.  How about cutting out metal which will be turned into say a motorcycle fender you create in an English wheel.  Don’t fear if you can’t get quite the right angle, as the head is adjustable 360 degrees.

3. A drill should be found in any shop which is used for more than storage. Even if you don’t work on cars,trucks or motorcycles you’ll still want a drill for home remodeling or lots of hobbies. The Eastwood 1/2″ Electric drill offers a powerful 6.3 amp motor to power through your next job.  Drill for extended periods of time with ease since we have a built in trigger lock and auxiliary handle.  The speed and torque make it ideal for keeping bits sharp while drilling steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals.

4. Grinding metal is always a task you can find needs to be done around the shop.   Rip through the next grinding project with our Eastwood 4.5″ Angle grinder.  The 6 amp electric motor allows the tool to product up to 10,000 RPM free speed. The 3 position, removable handle gets you the holding power needed at just the right angle.  Run wheels for grinding, paint removal, or even wire brush cups since there are so many options for angle grinders.

5. I’ll round out today’s list with a tool which is a jack of all trades, the Eastwood Electric Reciprocating Saw, which you’ll often hear referred to as a Sawzall due to the registered name by Milwaukee Electric tool company.  These may not leave the cleanest cut but dang can they rip through just about everything quickly.  You’ll find one in the tool box of mechanics, autobody techs, and even home repair contractors.  This truly is a tool which can be used across the board.   With the right blade option you can quickly cut through steel, aluminum, and other metals or switch over to a large toothed longer blade to make short work of wood.  I’ll always have one in my box for sure.

When it comes time to add to your electric tool collection look no further than Eastwood to help get you the right product for the right price with an excellent warranty.

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