4 Great Metal Fab Tools Under 55 bucks!!!

Every great automotive restoration or even patch panel work will inevitably require some basic metal fab tools.  Today I have complied a list of 5 basic tools to help get the process started which all cost under 55 bucks.

Electric Metal-Cutting Shears

I’ll start off with the Electric Sheet Metal Shears as no metal working job can be completed if you can’t cut out the necessary pieces.   These will slice easily through sheet metal up to 18 gauge steel.  Best part is they simply need a 110v outlet which everyone will have in their garages.  The jaws even rotate a full 360 degrees to ensure the easiest cutting no matter the angle necessary.  Instead of butchering the steel with the wrong cutting tool simply grab these shears for a nice clean cut in your next project.

Eastwood Sheetmetal Layout Kit 5 Piece Kit

Next up is a quintessential set to make your next metal cutting project a reality.   Our Sheet metal lay out kit gives you all the right stuff to ensure accurate markings and cuts.   Why guess if you have it right?  This kit includes a carbide marking scribe, 6 inch ruler, 5 inch steel square, 6 inch compass and an automatic center punch.  This set will allow you to outline and measure any simple shape you need directly on metal for easier fabrication.

Eastwood Sheet Metal Gauge

What good is working with sheet metal if you don’t actually know how thick it is?  From ordering the correct stuff to make replacement panels or what settings to run on your welder look no further than our super convenient Sheet Metal Gauge.  It’s relatively small and easily stores in a tool box in between uses.  Look at all the 5 star reviews on this amazing little tool.

Eastwood 6 Inch Vise Press Brake

If you know all you’ll be doing is smaller parts why break the bank on a huge sheet metal brake which takes up valuable room in the garage.   Instead check out our 4″ vice press brake or 6″ vice press brakes.   Each of these are capable of forming up to 14 gauge steel in angles as great at 90.   These are great at making such items as channels or even ribbing you would find say in a pickup truck bed.   This way you can quickly and inexpensively create quality patch panels to weld in after cutting out the rust/damage.

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