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Eastwood’s ‘Shop Talk’, Episode 35: John Bouchard – Master Engine Builder

Former host of Horsepower TV, John and Kevin are both familiar with being in the spot light. Lately though, John’s work building flawless engines has garnered all the attention.

With a military background and strict discipline, it’s no wonder that his work is admired by other industry greats.

Bouchard fills us in on what it takes to rise to the level of prowess as he did.

Sit tight & listen to Kevin  & John Bouchard as they talk hot rods, their time shared working in television and much more, on this week’s episode of Shop Talk.


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  1. Kevin, where did you go? I missed you on the program TRUCKS. Hope this move is a good one for you. I’m an old gear head from the fast 50s and 60s. I think trucks got a big lose when you left the show. Hope to see ya at SEMA again.You bring new hope to the hot rod world for us old guys.

  2. Question:
    I have a 1970 kiaser Jeep 4000 4wd and i want to make it into a prerunner. Can i switch the cab to another newer truck, ford, chevy or dodge chasey? How would i figure out what would be a good doner truck? It’s a big question but if you. Ould help i would greatly appreciate your help.
    E. COOK