X-Mat vs Dynamat – Heat & Sound Testing! Head to Head Comparison!

Posted: August 24, 2018 By: ScottC

Having a cool and quiet ride can really change the way you look at long car rides.  Dynamat has been an industry standard product to block out unwanted heat and sound from the inside of your vehicle.  Here at Eastwood we brought out X-Mat a couple of years ago to offer the Identical properties at half the price.  Take that money you save and either dump it back into other parts of your vehicle or better yet buy twice as much X- mat to allow you to cover even more of your vehicle.  We offer different types depending on location such as thinner more heat blocking types for under your hood or headliner or thicker foam to place in or on your doors and finally the foil backed rubber model to place under your carpet to really quiet down the ride.  Make sure to swing over to Eastwood.com and pick up your X-Mat. 


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